Cafe Nordo's Board of Directors is a diverse group of professionals from many fields including technology, law, film, food, wine, marketing, fundraising, and banking. The Board meets monthly and maintains frequent email discussions; board members are elected to three-year terms. The Board advises and supports the staff in fundraising, programming, marketing, PR, finance, and the website. Board membership is a demanding role that asks for a serious commitment, but also provides great joy in supporting the founders' vision for Cafe Nordo. If you are interested in applying for membership, please contact us.


Anne Swetonic
Chairman of the Board

Mike Taylor

Debbie Brindley
Repast Bakery

Pauline Zeestraten

Tom Hadjuk
Seattle Academy




Tina Gonsalves
Integrated Marketing Management

Ginger Wasylik

Ray Winninger
Seattle at Stimulant

Christopher Worley
North Seattle College

Sameer Arshad