Getting to Cafe Nordo

Cafe Nordo is located at 109 South Main Street, Seattle, WA 98104

From Parking Garages to Public Transportation to UBER, there are so many ways for you to easily get to Cafe Nordo!



Where do you park your car? will give you all the parking locations near Cafe Nordo. Try the First and Main Lot to get as close as possible, Diamond Lot just a block away. Many of the garages feature ePark, a system that tells you if there is space before you even get into the garage!


Public Transportation

Being the second most walkable neighborhood in Seattle, Pioneer Square is the link to several transit options. Make your way to Cafe Nordo by bus, train, light rail, streetcar, water Taxi or Ferry. Stations, tunnels, and terminals are all throughout the neighborhood connecting you anywhere you need to go. 


Let someone else drive

Some of the perks of being part of major city is we attract private companies to help with our efforts of reducing our transit carbon footprint. Pioneer Square has carsharing and ridesharing options available.