The Pressure Cooker exists to give emerging local artists the opportunity to work in the Nordo playground with a limited budget and time constraints and see what they come up with.  The Pressure Cooker invests in the innovation of producers, writers, and directors, cultivating new work that bends the genres of dinner theatre and performance, and pushes the limits of experimental theatre. We provide rehearsal time, feedback sessions, stage construction aid, marketing assistance, menu development, and one week of unfettered access to Nordo’s Culinarium and staff for tech and performances. The 2018 Program will run August 9th-13th.


Call for proposals now closed.

To Apply:

Please send the following materials to Limit your total answers to a 2 page maximum. 

  1. Name and contact information

  2. Project Title

  3. Sunday, December 10th and the evening of Tuesday, December 19th will be when we conduct interviews for candidates. Please provide us any conflicts with these dates.

  4. Briefly describe your project.

  5. How will your play incorporate food?

  6. How will your play incorporate the audience?

  7. How many people are involved? How big is the cast? The design team? Is there a band?

  8. Who is the audience for your show?

  9. Tell us about yourself. What are your goals as an artist? What is your relationship to the greater Seattle theater community?

  10. At what stage of development is the current project? Is this a finished script or are you creating something brand new? What is your development schedule?

  11. What is your experience working with limited budgets? What are some solutions you have to make your play spectacular on a small budget?

  12. What makes your project special? How is it experimental or innovative?

  13. What do you hope to get out of the Pressure Cooker?

  14. Do you anticipate any special technical requirements or other needs?

Supplemental Materials

  1. Lead artist(s) resume

  2. Work sample (Script, photos, and/or video)

Key Dates:

  1. Monday, November 27th - Proposals are due by 5pm!
  2. Sunday, December 10th and the evening of Tuesday, December 19th will be when we conduct interviews for candidates.
  3. Rehearsal period is June - July of 2018
  4. Load In: July 30th
  5. Tech Weekend: Aug 4th-5th
  6. The Pressure cooker runs: Aug 9th-13th


Important Application Information:

We want original work. If the meat of the material is not original, please have a very innovative and dynamic reason to put it in a food theater setting. Devised pieces are welcome, but we ask that you include information about your development process.

Food is an absolutely necessary element. We are committed to integrating food and theater, and food should not be an afterthought in your proposal. If the concept could work just as well in a black-box theater without food, then Nordo is not the place for it.

The audience MUST have a “role” and exist in the world of the play. Nordo is committed to creating immersive and transformative experiences for audiences, and it is one of our goals that every show involves the audience in a new and exciting way.

A live music component is preferred. We would love to work with you to find musicians, but we are passionate about incorporating music into our shows.

We have a small production budget. The TOTAL design budget (set, costumes, lights, sound, props) for the Pressure Cooker is $1000, so we are looking for projects and creators who know how to make spectacle theatre on a budget. Nordo provides rehearsal space, high quality equipment, support for construction and tech, and a production manager.

Everyone receives a small stipend. Every artist involved in the Pressure Cooker will receive a stipend of $100. Playwright royalties are $200. Performers will also receive a portion of service tips during performance and stage managers will be paid hourly for performances.  We can support a maximum of 10 performers (including musicians), 4 designers, a director, playwright, and stage-manager, and board-op. Due to the experimental workshop nature of this show, we cannot provide larger stipends.

We are interested in supporting local work. We are largely interested in supported artists who work in the Seattle Theatre community.

Banner Image: Joe Iano | Pressure Cooker 2017, Please Open Your Mouth