The Pressure Cooker exists to give emerging local artists the opportunity to work in the Nordo playground with a limited budget and time constraints and see what they come up with.  The Pressure Cooker invests in the innovation of producers, writers, and directors, cultivating new work that bends the genres of dinner theatre and performance, and pushes the limits of experimental theatre. We provide rehearsal time, feedback sessions, stage construction aid, marketing assistance, menu development, and one week of unfettered access to Nordo’s Culinarium and staff for tech and performances.

Cafe nordo is pleased to announce our
second annual pressure cooker:
"please open your mouth" 
by Joanna Garner, directed by Norah Elges Schneyer, opening july 6th.


Tips for applications:

2016 Pressure Cooker: Sundown at the Devil's House. Photo by Joe Iano.

2016 Pressure Cooker: Sundown at the Devil's House. Photo by Joe Iano.

  • Nordo is committed to original work. If the meat of the material is not original, please have a very innovative and dynamic reason to put it in a food theater setting.

  • Nordo is committed to integrating food and theater. The food should not be an afterthought. It should be an absolutely necessary element of the show. If the concept could work just as well in a black-box theater without food, then Nordo is not the place for it.

  • Nordo is committed to creating an immersive and transformative experience for the audience. They should have a “role” and exist in the world you are creating. (Examples -To Savor Tomorrow our 1960’s spy spoof on an airplane…the audience were all passengers on the flight from Honolulu to Seattle for the World’s Fair and the meal they got was their in-flight dinner.)

  • Nordo is committed to paying our artists. Your budget should include payments for performers, designers, and musicians.

  • A live music component is preferred.

  • Under promise and over deliver…AND...Ambition and hard work are king at Café Nordo. We want to help you edit to make it achievable, not beef up your idea. Think big!!! We love it when things sound impossible. And be prepared to work for it.