Announcing the 2018 Pressure Cooker:

Kiss Me Cake
 Kristina Dillard

August 9-13

We are very excited to announce our upcoming 2018 Pressure Cooker progam's production with Kristina Dillard, featuring (you guessed it) CAKE! 
Here is a Sneak Peek into the delectable world of cake Kristina has in store:

"Cake and dance are both impermanent. There is a similarity in the planning and building, a dancer's costume and make-up, and the tutu-ey buttercream flourishes of cake. There is the scrumptious experience of a dance or a cake. It is taken in, consumed, and then it is over. There is the beauty of cake, and there is the aftermath. We build it up just to tear it down, and then there is a big sticky buttery mess. But, it is a beautiful mess.

In "The Buttercream Duet," we watch a dancer being adorned with icing, and then her decorator approaches and licks the frosting off of her decollete. "Cake Ballerinas," the icons who dance atop cakes, wear romantic tutu's and cake-like decorated bodices. Dancers perform with a luxurious style, deconstructing and enhancing phrases made from ballet vocabulary. "Cakemenco" uses flamenco vocabulary and we hear Julia Child's voice telling us how to bake a chocolate cake.
It will be a world in which the dances are performed in a royal icing and buttercream Versailles: A cake world. A cake building with cake rooms, walls and stages decorated with frosting piping. Flourishes of pastillage flowers and royal icing roses."

The Pressure Cooker exists to give emerging local artists the opportunity to work in the Nordo playground with a limited budget and time constraints and see what they come up with.  The Pressure Cooker invests in the innovation of producers, writers, and directors, cultivating new work that bends the genres of dinner theatre and performance, and pushes the limits of experimental theatre. We provide rehearsal time, feedback sessions, stage construction aid, marketing assistance, menu development, and one week of unfettered access to Nordo’s Culinarium and staff for tech and performances. The 2018 Program will run August 9th-13th.

Banner Image: Joe Iano | Pressure Cooker 2017, Please Open Your Mouth