• It’s a friendly, boozy event of a meal that you’ll never forget.
    — The Stranger
  • A fricassee of satire, zany antics and enlightened food consciousness, Café Nordo has a unique spin on dining, wine-ing and watching
    — The Seattle Times
  • Dinner theater at its best.
    — Crosscut
  • A distinctive mélange of locally sourced food, wacky theatrics, sparkling music and an eco-conscious reverence for what is eaten and imbibed.
    — The Seattle Times

Getting to Nordo's Culinarium

First Hill Streetcar

Downtown Seattle Parking

Link Lightrail

Luxe on-demand parking + valet

Pioneer Square construction updates

Nordo's Culinarium is located in the heart of Pioneer Square on Main Street in the historic Globe Building. 

Commuting to Pioneer Square may seem daunting, but with a multitude of public transit, ride share and parking options it's not as scary as it seems; promise!