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Wine Wednesdays

Café Nordo's Wine Wednesdays presents:
The Wines of Minimus

"Our work is to produce something delicious, but also thought provoking."
                             --Minimus winemaker Chad Stock

- Six incredible wines. 
- Café Nordo's historic space in Pioneer Square. 
- A casual, entertaining hosted tasting.
- Time to experience aroma and flavor and to ask questions.

To be clear, this is an evening for novices and wine geeks alike.  After all, we're all in this together.  And the bottom line is that we should all taste more wine.

This is a unique chance to get your own taste of a secret held by sommeliers and wine buyers around the State-- the wines of Minimus made by winemaker Chad Stock are aggressively sought after, and they disappear quickly.  In short, it is not likely you will taste these wines again unless you find them on a restaurant's wine list or in someone's personal cellar.

**This wine event is part of the Taste of a Lifetime Series, which features hard to find wines that are produced in very small batches or which represent the last bottles available.

Your host for this grand evening is Tom Hajduk, Café Nordo's Wine Curator. In Nordo style, Tom blends storytelling, science, and history as you taste these beautiful, unusual, and rare wines. Nordo will provide music, food, and surprises. This is a rare, intimate experience and tickets are extremely limited, so we encourage you to act quickly.

We also welcome Tim Sharp of Indie Wineries, the distributor who brings these great wines to Seattle.

About the Wines of Minimus:
In this day and age where data is seemingly used to make every decision, Chad is making wines the old fashioned way he smells and tastes the wine in the barrel, over and over, until he perceives things are ready to bottle.  In this way he is following what should be the first rule of winemaking: get out of the way; let the organic process take its course.  Too much control or monitoring of data produces the same kind of wines, with similar taste profiles, which today seems to represent the bulk of what is available on shelves and in restaurants.  As Chad notes, "Blanket statements about wine are dangerous and they lead to dogmatic thinking . . . our work is to produce something delicious, but also thought provoking."</b>

We will show six of Chad Stock's Minimus wines. Among the wines that will be poured during our evening together:

Minimus "Dictionary Label" Albarino
A small, thick-skinned white grape grown mainly in Galicia, Spain, Albarino does beautifully here in the Northwest.  Its complex aromas and tropical-yet-tangy delivery of flavor provide a white wine experience like no other.  Having said that, now imagine what winemaker Chad Stock managed to get out of this brave little grape.  Extremely limited stock on hand.

Minimus Experiment No. 5, "Reduction."
We could explain that reduction is a chemical process that occurs during fermentation when organic entities exchange electrons.  But the real point is that reduction is when all the amazing, stinky stuff happens. A unique blend of Pinot Noir and Blaufrankish.  As winemaker Chad Stock writes about this particular wine's origin: "The aromas of raw beef and bouillon were so vivid we became instantly hungry every time we passed by the fermentation."  A striking wine, attention-getting in every way.  This was incredibly popular and disappeared quickly. We will have the last few bottles in house.

Minimus Experiment No. 14, "Carbonic Maceration."
Mourvedre is not known for being subtle.  In fact, it's a beast.  Its big clusters, thick skin, and high acidity tend to produce beefy, high-alcohol wines.  But in using the fermentation technique known as Carbonic Maceration, which uses whole, un-crushed grape clusters, something new emerges: the classic, dark beauty of the fruit itself.  As we like to say, stop it.  Stop it some more.

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