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Cooking with Christian: Knife Skills + Garnishes

A Chef's knife is an extension of themselves. In our August cooking class, you'll learn basic knife cuts and ways to utilize them, whether it is for a cocktail party, fancy dinner soiree, or just a romantic date for you and a loved one. Learn techniques from different cultures and learn the culinary history behind their purposes.

Great food is simple, but that doesn't mean it can't look fabulous! On top of basic cutting techniques, we'll cover important presentation styles and a few simple "wow factor" garnishes that'll have everyone thinking you're a pro.

This class will be more hands on! Nordo will provide knives, but we strongly encourage bringing your own knives to familiarize yourself with the weight, curves, and the way they flow on the cutting board. In professional kitchens no one uses a knife that isn't theirs, but when learning, it is great to try out different styles of knives to find which one works best for you.

The evening will round out with a delicious series of small plates created by Christian and students. Wine will be available for an additional purchase during the event.

Class Includes:
* Instruction on basic knife skills and cutting techniques, garnishes
* Sit down meal to end the class
* Take-away recipe card

Earlier Event: August 26
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