1. I’m a vegetarian, will Nordo be able to accommodate my diet? The answer is yes! Nordo will always accommodate vegetarian and gluten free palates, free of charge. You don’t even need to email us, simply alert your server upon seating.

We have a prix fixe menu (which you can find by visiting the show page on our website) but it can be modified to suit ANY dietary needs, with enough notice for our kitchen.

If you have what we like to call “complex” allergies – think dairy free, peanut allergies, allium allergies…you name it, we’ve heard it - and we can adjust our courses for you, with 24 hours notice. Please email chefnordo@cafenordo.com with the date you will be joining us, and your dietary needs.  There may be a reasonable upcharge based on how many courses we need to adjust, and how much extra work and ingredients are required to accommodate.

There are many dinner shows in Seattle to choose from, and ours is truly unique! Please keep in mind that this is not a restaurant OR a theater, this is Nordo. We craft theatrical food that tells a story.

2. Is there an age requirement for your venue?

Nordo's Culinarium and our cellar event space The Knife Room are recommended for 18+. This means, rather than carding at the door as we have in the past, we card at the table for those ordering alcoholic beverages. Our programming and menus are for adults, but if you have a young adult friend who would appreciate the performance and cuisine they are very welcome. Please email concierge@cafenordo.com with any questions about specific shows. 

2. Is Nordo accessible?

The answer is YES. Our Culinarium dining space is intimate, but we have a side door for full service wheelchairs, and a ramp we can provide for our 3” small front step. Our secondary entrance has no step with a 36 inch wide door. All seating and restrooms in the venue are wheelchair accessible. We do ask that you notify our Concierge concierge@cafenordo.com upon purchase of your ticket so we can assure the best seating possible when you attend a show.

The Knife Room, our basement bar & event space, is not currently accessible, there is a flight of 10 stairs.

3. Am I going to be pulled onstage?

The answer is NO. We craft immersive theatrical dining experiences. The performers will be seating you, serving you food, talking to you at times, and they may invite you to interact, but they will never single you out – unless your cell phone goes off at an inappropriate time (we hope you come with a sense of humor).

4. I bought my ticket separately, but I’m a part of a group. Can we all sit together?

The answer is YES! Simply email concierge@cafenordo.com with the date you are attending the show and the names in your party and we will assure seating success.

5. How do I get the best seats?

Our concierge makes a seating chart based on the size of your party. If you have a special seating request please email concierge@cafenordo.com Depending on the table configuration, you will receive more options if you arrive when seating begins (indicated on your ticket purchase).

We have an intimate 60 seat house which is immersive – that means there is not a traditional proscenium “stage”. The actors may be sitting next to you at a table, or coming in and out the front door of the building. You are in the middle of the action. That may mean you have to turn your chair, or head, to see what is happening in another area of the room. We make a concerted effort creating these unique productions to make sure everyone can see everything with minimal effort. There truly is not a bad seat in the house – as long as you know what to expect.

 We also have a live band that often will play through the evening. If you have hearing aids, or any other restricted mobility, please email our Concierge ahead of attending a show  so we can give you the best dinner theater possible, with innovative cuisine found only in Seattle. 

6. How much should I tip?

Gratuity is not included in your ticket price. Please consider leaving a tip for the performers that are also serving you your meal. The suggested gratuity for the meal is $10 per guest. If you purchase beverages, we recommend the standard 20% on your drink tab. You can add the gratuity for the meal right on the tip line for your drink bill, or leave cash. Didn’t order any beverages, but would like to leave a tip on your card? Just ask your server! At Nordo, we pride ourselves on excellent service, use your good judgement if your server or host goes above and beyond to make your party feel special.