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The Champagne Widow | June 7-30
Written and Performed by Opal Peachey

Champagne’s golden bubbles are known world-wide as the symbol for celebration. However, the history of this effervescent luxury is riddled with widows, or Veuves in French. From the original Veuve Clicquot to Veuve Pommery, Veuve Bollinger and Veuve Laurent-Perrier, this cabaret musical will take you down into the Caves of Champagne where, despite war, discrimination and a slew of dead husbands, women pop the corks and come out on top.

7th and Jackson | July 19th- August 18th
Written and Directed by Sara Porkalob

On Friday nights, three best friends meet in the alley outside their favorite place, an underground speakeasy hosting touring jazz legends, home to raucous gambling, and even louder dinner parties. Li, Ichika, and Camille are unlikely playmates but they share a dream: to sing and have a night-club of their own. When the bombing of Pearl Harbor and rising WWII tensions tear apart their homes, they make a sacred promise to keep their dream alive. Spanning three decades, 7th and Jackson pairs local history with cultural diaspora and live music, all on one plate

4th Annual Pressure Cooker: O Succulent | August 22nd-26th
Written by Brendan Mack and Alexei Cifrese  

In a live-acting homage to role-playing games, Professor Archie McDinklethorn and Sister Sandwich travel from the relatively safe confines of the Waylan School of Botany and Herbalism into the quicksands of the AridSun Desert, in search of succulent plants and accompanying adventure. Our annual Pressure Cooker hands up and coming artists the keys to Nordo’s kitchen and theater for one weekend to create a thrilling integration of food and performance that breaks the traditional mold of a Nordo production.

The Details: SummerPop includes one ticket per show. Package does not include a wine or cocktail flight, but as you well know we’ll be set to whet your whistle upon your arrival. Your tickets will be booked by our Adorable Member Concierge. If you already have a membership, please check with Opal to see if these shows are included.