1 Hot Summer, 3 Sizzling Shows, 1 Cool Price

It’s summer, and tis the season for Nordo’s frothiest confections. Three wildly creative shows converging food, live music, and theater round out the Café Nordo SummerPOP mini-season. 
$180, over 20% off the ticket price.

Persimmon Nights: Sara Porkalob (Madame Dragon) returns to Nordo to direct and star in the premiere of playwright Seayoung Yim’s sultry tale. Set during the first large scale wave of Asian American Immigration in The Persimmon Grove, a lurid nightclub, a brash young Korean immigrant rises to great heights in his ethnic enclave while balancing two lovers and many debts in the 1960s/70s. At the top of his game, he risks it all. Persimmon nights features pungent Korean food and the all-girl pop trio The Kimchi Kittens. | July 12 – 29

The Pressure Cooker: Kiss Me Kate: Nordo’s annual Pressure Cooker gives artists the keys to Nordo’s kitchen and theater for one weekend to create a thrilling integration of food and performance. This year’s selection is Kiss Me Cake by choreographer and pastry chef Kristina Dillard. Imagine a world decked in flourishes of pastillage flowers and royal icing roses. Each dance, from “Cakemenco” to “The Buttercream Duet”, pairs with a delicious cake. The light meal preceding this feast of sweets is inspired by a pastel Versailles banquet. Nordo’s first foray into dance will be a sweet and memorable. | August 9 – 13

14/48 & Nordo: Food Theater Thunderdome: Every August we team up with our friends over at 14/48 to create two weeks of wild insanity. Each Sunday 4 Chefs pair up with 4 playwrights, pull a course, (appetizer/soup salad/ main/dessert) a main ingredient, and a cast out of a hat, a theme is drawn, and four teams have four days to create four short plays with the dish to match. A live band that has never played together before underscores the evening, which is the rowdiest, most packed party we have all year. | August 16- August 25

The Details: SummerPop includes one ticket per show. Package does not include a wine or cocktail flight, but as you well know we’ll be set to whet your whistle upon your arrival. Your tickets will be booked by our Adorable Member Concierge. If you already have a membership, please check with Opal to see if these shows are included.